JeS Multi-Monitor Suite

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Complete desktop and taskbar manager for multiple monitors.

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite is a complete and powerful professional tool for managing multiple monitors. Designed to increase productivity in any user profile you use for work, with multiple monitors connected to your computer, JeS Multi-Monitor Suite lets you configure and manage all aspects of sharing both monitors.

With JeS Multi-Monitor Suite you can configure separate taskbars on each monitor you use, create hotkeys to different tools or utilities in JeS Multi-Monitor Suite, depending on which monitor you're in at that moment. For example, with JeS Multi-Monitor Suite you can move among the open windows with the alt + tab combination, regardless of whether you're on the main monitor or not.

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite also gives you the option to create all the virtual desktops you want, and is fully customizable, either permanently or temporarily. Thus you can operate any number of windows you want, dividing them comfortably among any number of desktops and switching between them. JeS Multi-Monitor Suite is certainly a most useful tool for anyone working with multiple monitors. Try it free for yourself, and you'll see!


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